Public Speaker Services

As a pubPublic speaker at Grace Bible Church in Minooka, ILlic speaker, I love to share my heart and lessons-learned with MOPS groups, women’s groups, and others in community and educational settings.   The following topics can be customized for you when in the need for a speaker at your next event.  Just let me know a bit about your group or organization and we can start to discuss how to make my visit serve you and your people well.  As a public speaker, I blend Christian scriptural truths with real-life examples and humor.

I’m currently lining up my public speaking schedule for the 2016/2017 year.


This Momma Knows…Pregnancy brings weight gain, hemorrhoids, and great potential for spiritual growth!
As Christians do our preparations for birth look different than the world’s?  Regardless of if you plan to “go natural” or use medical pain relief,  learn how to invite Christ into your pregnancy and allow Him to grow you, your marriage, and your parenting.  This is a great topic for both first time parents, as well as mommas or couples that are expanding their families again.  There’s also a lot to learn for women who are mentoring the newest generation of mommas.

This Momma Knows…Our bodies are AMAZING and perfectly designed for giving birth.
As women, we spend a lot of time complaining about our hormones (rightfully so!).  But in pregnancy and childbirth, hormones are the drivers in our bodies that sustain and bring forth life!  Learn about new medical research that reveals how our creator designed the amazing process of birth.  You’ll learn to better appreciate your body, respect the way we’ve been made, and have a deeper understanding of what your baby needs in the early days after birth.  This is true fierce flourishing!

This Momma Knows…The baby isn’t the only one crying those first weeks of parenthood!
When a new baby arrives, it’s wonderful as well as overwhelming.  We will laugh and learn about the forth trimester – the first few months of welcoming a baby home.    Whether you are the new momma-to-be, are welcoming another into your family, or have friends in this season that you want to help, this talk provides practical tips, as well as provides much needed encouragement and perspective so that we all can flourish in a joyful yet stressful season of life.

This Momma Knows…It’s hard to keep quiet when you know you are right!
Are you are an independent, strong-willed woman like me?  If so, you know it’s hard to put that dirty little word “submission” into proper perspective.  In this talk, I give you my story as a wife who has come to appreciate biblical submission in a culture that thinks it’s just plain crazy talk.  Help your marriage and yourself at the same time!

This Momma Knows…Roots matter for your hair as well as your family.
As parents, we provide our children the roots that hold them up and stabilize them throughout their lifetime.  Learn practical, easy and fun ideas to help build  a strong family foundation rooted in faith.  In this talk, you’ll learn about the importance of creating a positive family identity, guarding time together, and making everyone in the family feel useful and needed – regardless of how little they are.

This Momma Knows…It’s Tempting To Enroll The Kids in ALL The Park District Offerings.
We have so many choices today for ourselves and our families, but too much of a good thing can be bad.  Learn why it is important to say “no” and how to create time and space in our family’s schedule to connect with God and each other.

This Momma Knows…People will disappoint but we can love them anyways.
Relationships with others bring much joy in a woman’s life, but can also bring pain and disappointment.  Learn how developing low expectations of others can actually help your love for family and friends flourish, as your own contentment grows.

This Momma Knows…A dirty kitchen just means you’re cookin!
Whether you love to cook or hate it, learn some new, healthy ideas to incorporate into feeding your family.  Learn why it’s important to have a healthy perspective on eating well, how to take baby steps towards improving your diet and feeling good about your body image, and get lots of easy-to-prepare recipes for the life stage you are in including: pregnancy, post-partum, picky kids and busy families.

This Momma Knows…The world screams, while God whispers.
My personal story of how at age 27 I stopped believing the lies of the world, and started learning the truths of God about how I was created, what I am made for and where my true joy comes from.